Bioenergy Webinars 2021:

When it comes to renewable energy, bioenergy is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, it plays a key role in the European Union’s energy transition process, as:

  • Bioenergy is a flexible source of energy for electricity, heat and transportation.
  • The industry creates more than 700,000 jobs across Europe, representing 49% of the total jobs employed in all RES together, bringing together more than 50,000 companies (mainly small and medium-sized enterprises) across the EU and consolidating in practice values ​​of “energy democracy”.
  • Value chains that support bioenergy production contribute to the long-term energy security of EU countries while also contributing to the protection of the environment, the circular economy and the development of rural areas.

The Hellenic Biomass Association (HellaBiom), in collaboration with the magazine and portal Bioenergy News and stakeholders of the Greek Bioenergy sector organize as from this year a series of webinars aimed at informing the general public, farmers, professionals, policy makers, investors, environmental organizations and various bioenergy actors on the effective supply and delivery of sustainable biomass energy utilization, both internationally and domestically.

Within the scope of Bioenergy Webinars, aspects of energy and environmental policy related to bioenergy are presented, successful examples of implemented projects and applications are demonstrated, challenges and development prospects of the industry are analyzed, opinions are exchanged and useful conclusions are drawn.

Events of the Greek Biomass Sector for 2021:

  • Bioelectricity Webinar (9th April 2021) : “The role of bioenergy in electricity generation – Applications and Perspectives”.
  • Biofuels Webinar (4th June 2021): “Biofuels, Renewable Gases & Intermediate Bioenergy Carriers (IBCs): The new driving levers in Industry and Transport”.
  • Bioheat Webinar (24th September 2021): “Renewable Heat from Biomass”.
  • 6th BIOMASS DAY – 3rd Bioeconomy & Bioenergy Forum (BBF) (2nd December 2021): Circular Bioeconomy & Celebration of Bioenergy Day for Greece.